Apply your work to eXel

 Call for Submissions to eXel photo Volume I Issue 1, January-February 2014

ELIGIBILITY: Professional and amateur photographers from all countries are eligible.

IMAGE CAPTURE: Images captured  in any year, using film or digital, will be accepted.

PORTFOLIOS and SINGLE IMAGES: A portfolio unit consists of no fewer than 8 images and no more than 12 images. There is no limitation on the number of portfolio units or/and single images that may be entered. The minimum of single images to enter is 3.

THEME: Open; all categories are accepted, as well as color,  B&W, or toned images. Mixed media, alternative processes, and digital manipulation are also accepted.


Final Deadline, until January 2, 2014

NOTIFICATION:  All entrants will be notified by email on January 10.

JUROR: Works will be selected by David G Hirsch, Call 4 Artists and eXel photo publisher


1 eXel Limelight winner will have her/his portfolio/s and/or single image/s featured in five-pages along with a self-interview.

4 eXel Excellence winners will have their portfolio/s and/or single image/s featured in two-page spreads.

12 eXel Merit winners will have their portfolio and/or single image/s featured in one page.

ENTRY FEES: (Entry fees are non-refundable.)

3 Single Images: $30; each additional Single Image $10
1 Portfolio (8 to 12 images): $45; each additional Portfolio $30


PAYMENT: The payment can be done with your Paypal account if you have such an account or with a debit or credit card; it can alsso be done by a third party on your behalf. Please use the following link to do your payment; make a note of the transaction number that should be typed in the email containing your work (see below “Send your work”.). If you are submitting Single Images AND Portfolio/s you will have to do 2 different payments.



Number Single Images


Number of Series


IN THE EMAIL BODY TYPE YOUR NAME, eMAIL ADDRESS AND WEBSITE ADDRESS IF YOU HAVE ONE. INCLUDE ALSO THE PAYPAL TRANSACTION NUMBER OF YOUR PAYMENT (this is important in cases when the payment has been done by a third party on your behalf.)



CONFIGURE YOUR FILES as shown below:

sRGB or RGB color space (standard) - NOT CMYK;

72 dpi (or ppi) resolution; sized to 1,280 pixels on the longest side, the other size width or height proportional; layers flattened; 8 bit mode; JPG format; JPG compression at level 7 (medium) - NO TIFF PLEASE - RESOLUTION NO LARGER THAN 72 dpi

Name each digital image file as shown below:

You last name, Your First Name, Title of image, Location, Year of capture.

Example: Smith, John, Portrait of Susan, Paris, 2010

PLEASE do not use: all capitals, all lower case, underscores, or personal reference numbers in your titles.

Avoid using the following characters in an image file name: \ | / ? : “ * < >

If more than one image is Untitled, name them Untitled 1, Untitled 2, and so on.

If you are submitting a Portfolio, and the series has a name, please type the name of the series in the email body.

If you are submitting more than one portfolio, please place each series in a separate folder; then attach all folders.

Before sending your files, please double-check that the folders unzip and open properly.

COPYRIGHTS AND THE WEBSITE GALLERY: The author is the sole owner of the copyright. By entering this contest you give your permission for eXel photo to print your images in our magazine and on our website for one-time use. Images entered in this contest will be posted on our website gallery with a link to your website unless you notify us that you do not want your images placed in the gallery. If you are selected to feature your images in eXel photo you should be able to send us high resolution files (300 dpi, at least 11 inches in the largest side, AND NO SMALLER THAN 8 INCHES WIDE) for printing.

If you have any query please email