Artists' Submissions

Many thanks for your interest in Call 4 Artists’ Gallery. This Gallery is open to all visual artists (from photographers to digital designers, from advertising illustrators to painters) doing fine art, documentary art or commercial illustrations or photographs. All type of visual art expressions can be included in the Gallery. Click here to see the current artists in the Gallery.  

To apply please read first this entire document, composed of the following sections and steps:

  1. How and Why be featured in the Gallery
  2. Review and Exhibition Fees
  3. Submission specifications
  4. Payment of Application Fees - Not applicable for Call 4 Artists' Members
  5. Acceptance

 How and Why be featured in Call 4 Artists’ Gallery

Call 4 Artists’ Gallery is an online exhibition curated by David G Hirsch or Call 4 Artists' external curators, where all visual artists (photographers, painters, sculptors, digital artists, designers, etc.) can showcase their portfolios and produce sales leads. Experimental, traditional fine art, and documentary works are welcome in our Gallery. The Gallery is also open to commercial photography (e.g. advertising). All artists show their work in one or more pages (usually 3 pages), which contains the digital images in carrousel on top, and in to-be-enlarge-thumbnails below, along with the CV and contact directions (email, website, galleries representing the artist.) No sales are produced by the Gallery: all sales or assignments inquiries are addressed to the participant artists. Click here to see an example of a gallery page.

Artists can join the Gallery, on a non-exclusive basis: i) by personal invitation from Call 4 Artists -no fee required; ii) by being a member of Call 4 Artists’ community and their work accepted by the curator David G Hirsch -no fee required; iii) by applying to the Gallery paying a non-refundable reviewer fee (for non-members); or iv) by having been selected as Artist of the Month in the monthly Call 4 Artists’ selection.

One of the main advantages of being part of the gallery is that your work will be showcased in an art website that is visited by discriminating visual artists, collectors, gallery owners, and curators worldwide. Moreover, your work will be alongside recognized fine artists, which will increase the perceived value of your work.

Unless you’re a member of have been invited or selected in the periodical Gallery Artists’ of the Month Competition, you will have to pay an yearly exhibition fee of $120 for one portfolio of 20 images, or $180 for 2 portfolios of 20 images each (this is equivalent to only 50 cents per image per month if you’re exhibiting one portfolio or 38 cents per month per image if you’re featuring 2 portfolios. And since your work is sold by you or your galleries or agents, Call 4 Artists does not take commission on sales (prints, permissions, downloads) payments.

Once joining the Gallery, your name and work will be surely seen in several directories, and will consequently have more coverage in the Internet.

 Review and Exhibition Fees

Member of Call 4 Artists do not have to pay any fee, neither to apply and be reviewed nor to be exhibited in the Gallery.

Fees for non-members (if you are already a Call 4 Artists Member -individual or institutional- you don't have to pay application fees; just submit according to specs without going through the Paypal's payment step. To become a Member of Call 4 Artists (free submissions, free postings and ads, exclusive fortnightly newsletter, and almost daily call for entries, grants announcements and exhibitions alerts, plus many other benefits, please click here.)

Non-refundable Review application fees:

1 Portfolio $35

2 Portfolios $60

3 Portfolios $75

Read carefully the submission guidelines: each portfolio submitted should be a cohesive body of work of no less than 10 images and no more than 20 images. The work submitted for review should be sent with a CV or résumé.

If you are accepted you will receive an email with complete guidelines to submit the work and CV that will be featured in the Gallery. The yearly exhibition fee is $120 for one portfolio of up to 20 images; and $60 for each additional portfolio, up to 3 portfolios. No setup fees will be charged.

The acceptance is based on the intrinsic quality of your artistic work and creativity. Avoid applying if you don’t have a cohesive body of work of at least 10 images.

By “cohesive body of work” we understand that one, two or the three following elements are inherent to your portfolio: i) a similarity in visual style or overall design elements; ii) recurring themes; iii) technical or textural elements. Somehow, when putting the images of your portfolio next to each other, we should be able to assess that it was done by the same artist. Perhaps the portfolio is composed of images done during many years, but if there’s some cohesion we will be able to see a distinctive progression.

When applying please have these things in mind. And take into account that although we accept commercial photography or artwork, purely stock photography won’t be accepted. In the Gallery we want to exhibit an artistic and creative vision, so be selective when editing the work to be submitted. And please follow strictly the following submission specifications:

 Submission specifications:

(you can send a maximum of 3 portfolios; each portfolio containing between 6 and 20 images)

  1. Prepare your files as .jpg (JPEG) with a resolution of 72 dpi.
  2. Do not live any border (white or colored).
  3. Size of the image: the largest side should be no smaller than 800 pixels and no larger than 1,200 pixels.
  4. When saving the file, set the quality at 7 or 8.
  5. Please note that a file larger than 1,200 pixels in width or high, or with resolution higher than 72 dpi, or quality better than 7 or 8 will result in an image of more than 300-400K and it will not be admissible.
  6. Name the files in the order you would like the reviewer to see the portfolio. Files should have the following format: “Sequence number Image tittle.jpg” (e.g. 01 Red Sunset.jpg; 02 Stormy Seascape.jpg; 03 Blue Boat.jpg;……..; 20 The Last  Tide.jpg)
  7. Put all the files in a folder. Name the folder: “Your name_Portfolio 1_Portfolio name” (e.g. Smith_Portfolio 1_Seascapes). If you are sending more than one portfolio, please send 3 folders.
  8. Zip the folder (or folders –up to 3). Upload and send the folder/s using this link:
  9. Please include in the message box your name, email address and the Paypal transaction number of the application fee payment. This is important because sometimes the payment is not done by the artists but by another person; the transaction number allow us to do a proper register of your payment.

If you have any questions regarding these specifications and procedure, please email and we will assist you.

 Payment of the application fees:

Select the quantity of portfolios you want to submit for review and click in the Buy Now Paypal's button. You can pay with your Paypal account or, if you don't have a Paypal account, with your credit or debit card. Call 4 Artists' Members skip this step.

Qty of Porfolios


Within 2 weeks after receiving your work, you will receive the decision of Call 4 Artists. If you are accepted we will send you detailed information to set up your page/s in the Gallery, as well as an invoice for the yearly fees. The invoice will be a recurrent subscription invoice, automatically renewed every year, but you will have the chance to withdrawn your work from the Gallery at any time (e.g. per requirement of exclusivity of another Gallery .our is non-exclusive but other require exclusivity). In case you withdraw your work from the gallery please make a note that the yearly fee is non-refundable. Once your work is featured, alongside your CV and contact details, you will have the chance to update, change or add portfolios to your Gallery page. Although once you are accepted you are free to do changes and additions, Call 4 Artists will have the right to reject –after discussing with you- any material that might find not suitable for the Gallery overall quality policy.