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Every 15 days, a newsletter containing a complete and detailed list is emailed to members of Call 4 Artists. The entire list is never published in the website; it is directly emailed to members, and alerts on approaching deadlines are sent almost on a daily basis. The fortnightly newletter also contains articles and hints regarding contests' submissions, how can competitions eventuaally help to further artists' careers, and the necessary crosschecks to be done before submitting. To become a member of Call 4 Artists, receiving additional benefits such as free exhibition in the Call 4 Artists' Gallery (subject to aproval of our curators), as well as free admission to our periodical selection of the Artists of the Month, please click HERE.



Submitting a call for entry for a contest, grant or award has no cost, and will be either published in our website and our fortnightly newsletter, or only in our newsletter. You can place a paid ad to announce your contest, grant or award, and it will be featured (banner or special spot) and publiched in both our website and newsletter.

FREE SUBMISSION: To submit a contest/grant/award for photographers or other visual artists please
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PAID AD (FEATURED CONTEST OR GRANT): To place a contest/grant/award advertising (banner or special spot), and specially featured in the fortnightly newsletter and alerts, please click here