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The membership period is twelve months beginning the month after Call 4 Artists receives the application and payment, expiring (but renewable) one year later. Membership begins the month the member joins and continues through that year. For example, someone joining on any day of July has a one year membership through end of July of the following year. Memberships are not transferable. Annual fees are non refundable.

Members’ benefits are different for the two membership categories: individual members and institutional members (art organizations and societies, art galleries, companies related to services and products addressed to visual artists, art schools). 

Yearly membership rates are based on type of member (individual or institutional) and location (those residing in emerging countries pay a reduced rate). Students and teachers, as well as people +60 have also a discounted rate. There also special rates (equivalent to the students' rates) for affinity groups; currently the are special membership rates for entrants to the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for women photographers, and for entrants of the POLLUX Awards.


Being an individual or institutional Call 4 Artists’ member grants you access to a number of benefits, including:

Individual Members
  • Automatic subscription to the For-Members-Only fortnightly exclusive Newsletter with a complete list of call for entries, grants and workshops, auction and market news, exhibitions and new products releases, funding opportunities, members achievements, and articles written by members or special invitees.
  • Getting almost daily email alerts about approaching deadlines, exhibition openings and grants applications.
  • Your website promoted in our Artists’ websites section.
  • Your work or portfolios in our Online Artists’ at no cost (individual subject to acceptance.)
  • Full Classified ads (up to 30 lines plus images) for as long as you want while you’re a member.
  • Free entry to the Artists of the Month’s contest, or any other online event organized by C4A.
  • Opportunity to submit articles for potential publication in the Editorial and Opinion section of the C4A site. Articles may also be published in the fortnightly newsletter.
  • Opportunity to feature your book/s in the Bookstore Section.
  • Opportunity to announce you exhibition, prominently featured in the Exhibitions’ section. 

Institutional Members all of the above plus (depending of their type of institution/organization/company):
  • Free featured postings in the Call for Entries section, Art Galleries’ Roster, Career opportunities (Workshops and Art Schools), Product News, Bookstore, and Service and Resources.
  • Featured announcement of events such as Gallery Openings or Auctions.


 (rates per year in $US) 1 Year  2 Years  3 Years 
 Individual Membership (Pro and non Pro Artists) 65  115  165 
 Individual Membership (Students and Teachers; Youth under 18 years) 35  65  95 
 Individual Membership (People +60) 45  85  120 
 Individual Membership (People residing in emerging countries) 35  65  95 
 Individual Membership of affinity groups  35  65  95 
 Institutional Membership (Galleries, Education, Societies, CFE organizations) 120  230  340 
 Institutional Membership (Commercial companies) 150  290  425 
 Institutional Membership (residing in emerging countries) 45  85  120 
 Institutional Membership (NGO, Charity, non profit) 35  65  95 
 Institutional Membership (Agents, Agencies) 65  115  165 

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