How to Join the Gallery


If you wish to have your work exhibited in the Call 4 Artists' Gallery, there are 3 ways you may submit your work to be reviewed:

1. Becoming a member of Call 4 Artists and submitting your work to the Selection Committee at no cost. Feature your work in the Gallery has also no cost if you are a member.
To apply for a membership, please click here.

2. Submitting your work at any moment to our curator, David G Hirsch. There's a non refundable review fee. Click here to get the details.

3. Entering our monthly selection of Artists of the Month. If you are selected you will be featured in our home page as Artists of the Month and will be invited to post your work in the Gallery for 3 years at no cost. Click here to enter the current monthly selection.

Call 4 Artists’ Gallery is an online exhibition curated by David G Hirsch or Call 4 Artists' external curators, where all visual artists (photographers, painters, sculptors, digital artists, designers, etc.) can showcase their portfolios and produce sales leads. Experimental, traditional fine art, and documentary works are welcome in our Gallery. The Gallery is also open to commercial photography (e.g. advertising). All artists show their work in one or more pages (usually 3 pages), which contains the digital images in carrousel on top, and in to-be-enlarge-thumbnails below, along with the CV and contact directions (email, website, galleries representing the artist.) No sales are produced by the Gallery: all sales or assignments inquiries are addressed to the participant artists. Click here to see an example of a gallery page.

Artists can join the Gallery, on a non-exclusive basis: i) by personal invitation from Call 4 Artists -no fee required; ii) by being a member of Call 4 Artists’ community and their work accepted by the curator David G Hirsch -no fee required; iii) by applying to the Gallery paying a non-refundable reviewer fee (for non-members); or iv) by having been selected as Artist of the Month in the monthly Call 4 Artists’ selection.

One of the main advantages of being part of the gallery is that your work will be showcased in an art website that is visited by discriminating visual artists, collectors, gallery owners, and curators worldwide. Moreover, your work will be alongside recognized fine artists, which will increase the perceived value of your work.

Unless you’re a member of have been invited or selected in the periodical Gallery Artists’ of the Month Competition, you will have to pay an yearly exhibition fee of $120 for one portfolio of 20 images, or $180 for 2 portfolios of 20 images each (this is equivalent to only 50 cents per image per month if you’re exhibiting one portfolio or 38 cents per month per image if you’re featuring 2 portfolios. And since your work is sold by you or your galleries or agents, Call 4 Artists does not take commission on sales (prints, permissions, downloads) payments.

Once joining the Gallery, your name and work will be surely seen in several directories, and will consequently have more coverage in the Internet.